The Center for Business Performance Improvement (CBPI) is a group of industry Experts providing a measurable positive impact to the business community through consulting and coursework. The CBPI is operated within the Engineering Management Program (EMP) at the University of Colorado.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier source for education and consulting services in business performance technology among front range institutions of higher education.

Our Platform

CBPI designs individual programs to meet client needs. The Experts have spent years delivering on site, online, encapsulate and extended programming. Our core services include:

  • Training seminars
  • On-site implementation
  • Consultation
  • Data anlaysis
  • On and off-site training
  • Structured courses (for credit and non credit)
  • Custom training programs on site or distance
  • Graduate certificates (on site or distance)
  • Graduate degree programs (on site or distance)

Outcomes & Deliverables

The Center’s primary focus is on helping businesses maximize their profitability. The Center offers businesses:

  • Professional consulting expertise from industry
    • Business Performance Excellence tools and strategies
      • Strategic planning and policy deployment
      • Alignment of measures throughout the business
      • Daily management systems
      • Total asset utilization
      • Customer product/process rationalization
      • Gap analysis
      • Customer quality assurance systems
      • Supplier quality assurance systems
      • Business plan development and deployment
    • Advanced statistical techniques
      • Third-party data analysis
      • Experimental design and analysis
      • Predictive models
      • Time series analysis
      • Data mining
      • Statistical process control
      • Measurement system analysis (gauge R&R) for continuous and discrete gauges
      • Reliability analysis
  • Training
    • For-credit graduate level courses, on- and off-site
    • Not-for-credit courses, with custom content, on- or off-site
  • Academic contacts
    • A single contact point with the University of Colorado Engineering Department, including Engineering Management and Applied Math
    • Graduate students in search of business improvement projects
      • Inexpensive consulting resources to make your projects happen
      • Overseen by professor/consultants with substantial industry experience
      • A way for businesses to meet the best and brightest students